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Created: April 4, 2004

Tactical Engineer

Group: Moderators
Posts: 1116 (8 robots)
Member No.: 27
Joined: 23-May 03

Summary Designed to survive a big bash in a big arena with several bots.
Description ittyBot is my first tiny bot attempt and did very well in the Tiny Bot Bash.
I must admit though, the tactics were a bit cheesy.
ittyBot only fires when it has a very good chance of hitting the target robot. Such as an acute angle of attack and short distance, or really close to the bot, if it has a good chance of hitting and can kill it in one shot without letting its own energy dip too low. This tactics means ittyBot doesn't shoot very often at all and thus doesn't expend much energy during each game. ittyBot also collects cookies when it doesn't detect a robot.
Instead of calling the version Tiny Terror, I should have named it Skulking Bot.
Contest types multiple robots, lock all, tiny
Public or private publicly downloadable
Last Modified Apr 4 2004, 08:51 AM
ID Number 118
Downloads 1390

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ittyBot versions Downloads Last Modified Actions
Tiny Terror
Initial version
1390 Apr 4 2004, 08:51 AM View Robot Download Robot
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