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Posted: Nov 14 2011, 02:34 PM

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Hi , I was wondering a new kind of having contest, just not one person running the robots of the others but the others can watch the battle ! I think we can do that with the team viewer software which is free !

What do you think ! If some of you are ok , I will shortly make a "beta contest" with this new idea to know if its work !


Ps: the community is gone ??

Posted: Jan 17 2012, 08:02 AM

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Hello, I don't know about everyone else, but I don't check here all that often (and a lot less during the holidays which just ended).

As to the idea of watching tournaments running, I can see the appeal, but also I see it not working so well. Most tournaments are many thousands of games ran just for one round, and the idea of having them all watchable means it would take even longer to run one. From all the history/information I've seen, tournaments are ran with the GUI turned off for the most part, and only the results are really used.

Now, having an AJAX/interactive website that posted live updates for a running tournament would be kinda interesting. While not being able to watch individual matches, you could at least see who moved on from one bracket/round to the next.

I've written a few tournament running helper scripts for Windows as of late (borrowed heavily from older ones found here/on the wayback machine). If I could ever make myself design and implement a decent GUI for configuring tournaments, I would gladly give it to the community so more tournaments could be ran again, as it used to be. With the recent outbreak of things like Codecademy and their Year of Coding (which I signed up for), I can see RobotBattle making a comeback as a teaching tool for programming possibly. It could be interesting.

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