Robot Battle is a programming game that challenges you to design and code adaptable battling robots. Robot Battle is unique because it takes strategy rather than reflexes, accuracy, or timing to succeed. Winning Robot Battle players are those who create the smartest robots. What differentiates one robot from the next is its brain, for which you are responsible. Testimonials and more information

Website Moved To A New Server

Posted By: brad      Posted On: Jun 3 2009, 08:59 PM

Today I moved the Robot Battle website to a new server. I have tested the basics and it seems to be working, but I would not be surprised to find some problems since the new machine has different versions of a few key software components. Please let me know if you find problems.

Registry Downtime

Posted By: brad      Posted On: Oct 3 2008, 01:20 PM

The hosting company where the Registry exists recently upgrade their database servers, causing some problems. I've fixed the issues that I have noticed, but if you run into more problems please report them.

Version 1.4.06

Posted By: brad      Posted On: Apr 13 2008, 08:01 PM

I'm planning to release a new version of RB in the next month or so, and I'd like some feedback. My primary goals are to fix bugs and to make it easier for others to build RB from source (recent versions of Microsoft's compiler and libraries have issues with the current source code). I'm not planning to add features unless they are very small and non-controversial. I'd appreciate some feedback about what bugs need fixing. I'll go through the RB bug list, but if you know of things that need fixing please respond to this thread with comments and links.

Russian Translation

Posted By: brad      Posted On: Oct 5 2007, 09:05 AM

Vorobiev Roman has started translating the Robot Battle help documents into Russian. He finished the introductory text and the tutorial and plans to start working on the reference section. You can find his work on the translations page.

Robot Battle Still Going Strong

Posted By: steJ      Posted On: May 26 2007, 02:24 AM

Robot Battle is still going strong after all these years! Numerous contests are on the Horizon with the Flag bot Contest and the ongoing Rally Cup Contest to name but a few.

The Registry itself has grown now to an impressive 900+ members!

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